"Moose Memory chocolates are designed to be a fun and different symbol for nature. The distinctive moose profile is the first of its kind ever made in chocolate and the successful product is now a characteristic piece of Chocolate Art within the growing chocolate market."

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07 March
We cannot hear it too often: "Dark chocolate is good for your heart and blood pressure!"
07 March
More good news: Eating dark chocolate also has an impact on your mood. You become more happy and positive in your heart and soul.
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All over the world we must co-operate to focus on the environment around us. Each of us can work on many levels, in small details as well as in larger connections to help our only planet.

Through "Friends of Nature" Moose Memory wants to spread more knowledge about what we can do to act friendly towards our nature and planet.

To succeed we really need your help! Please join us here on "Friends of Nature" and write down your ideas or subjects about the environment you would like to share worldwide.

Thank you for your important participation.

The Moose Group

Many people around the world have tasted or been in contact with Moose Memory chocolate in one or the other way.

We are proud to be a unique chocolate product appreciated by human beings with all kinds of cultural background. Moose Memory has also been spreading happiness and joy in many occasions - from Royalties, Nobel prize winners as wells as to world known movie actors and famous company leaders.

We welcome also you to join us at Facebook and be a part of the development of the Moose Memory chocolate joy.